After Third Arrest In Ahmaud Arbery Killing GBI Outlines Next Steps

After Third Arrest In Ahmaud Arbery Killing GBI Outlines Next Steps

The director announces GBI’s investigation is expected to be completed soon.

Published 1 week ago

Written by Paul Meara

The director of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is announcing that the investigation into the killing of Ahmaud Arbery is expected to be completed soon and then handed over to the district attorney.

On Friday morning (May 22), Vic Reynolds held a news conference and spoke about the status of his department’s investigation and the steps they’re taking moving forward after the arrest of William Bryan, a third person charged for being involved in Arbery’s killing. Bryan also filmed the February shooting.

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Reynolds also relayed that he doesn’t expect to make any more arrests in the case but made it clear that it would depend on where the investigation leads the GBI, according to WSB-TV 2.

The attorney for Ahmaud Arbery’s family’s released a statement following the news of Bryan’s arrest yesterday.

"Mr. Bryan was saying that he wasn’t involved today. On the day of the shooting he told law enforcement officers, according to the police report, that he used his car to block Ahmaud’s path,” attorney Lee Merritt said. “That’s when everybody was treating Ahmaud like a criminal as opposed to a victim so it was popular at the time.”


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