Georgia Deputy Who Repeatedly Punched Black Man Riding In Car Service Fired

Georgia Deputy Who Repeatedly Punched Black Man Riding In Car Service Fired

Video of the rideshare attack on Roderick Walker has gone viral.

Published September 14th

Written by Paul Meara


Monday, September 14: Lyft has issued a statement since learning of the Georgia incident. They claim Saturday's occurance did not involve their company, however they are against the violence that happened.

"We’ve been made aware of a disturbing incident in Georgia," Lyft wrote in a tweet. "While we confirmed this did not happen during a Lyft ride, we unequivocally stand against racism and unnecessary use of force. We are in contact w/@Georgia_NAACP."


Sunday, September 13: The Clayton County Sheriff’s Office announced today that it fired the deputy caught on video assaulting a Black Lyft passenger during a traffic stop on Friday.

According to the statement, the officer was terminated for the “excessive use of force” against 26-year-old Roderick Walker. A criminal investigation of the unidentified officer has been turned over to the district attorney’s office.

Saturday, September 12: The Clayton County, Georgia Sheriff’s Office has reportedly launched an internal investigation Friday night (September 11) after shocking video circulated on social media of the violent arrest of a Black man.

According to TMZ, the man, his cousin and a third person were passengers in a Lyft that was pulled over in Clayton County for having a tail light that was out. They say Sheriff’s deputies asked for the driver’s license but he didn’t have one. Cops then reportedly asked the other passengers in the car for their licenses to which they asked why they needed to produce them when they weren’t driving or doing anything wrong.

A confrontation soon begins afterward. In the viral videos, multiple deputies, who have not been named by the sheriff’s office, can be seen pinning the man down, and one appeared to have him in a hold around his neck.

Watch the graphic video below:

A wider shot video of the arrest shows the second deputy punching the man in the midsection multiple times and then in the head, drawing blood. Subsequently, the deputy pinning the man down appears to say, “He’s biting my hand,” and a woman recording the closer-shot video says, “Don’t bite him, don’t bite him.”

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In the most distressing moment in the video, the man can be heard yelling, “I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die. I can’t breathe.”

The distraught woman can then be heard screaming, "No! Don't kill him! He said he can't breathe!" Right after, the Black man’s leg appears to shake uncontrollably and his arm goes limp. 

The deputies then get off the man, who appears to have lost consciousness and is bleeding from his nose.

"No! No! No! Babe! Babe are you okay?!" the woman asks. He is then handcuffed.

In the second video shot from a wider angle, at least one child can be seen in a car next to the scene yelling, "Daddy! Daddy!" That video ends at that point.

Since the deputy wasn’t named publicly, it is unclear exactly which of the deputies was put on leave, however Sheriff Victor Hill described the cop as the “Deputy using physical force on a man."

The Clayton County Sheriff's Office tells TMZ, “Sheriff Victor Hill ordered his entire Internal Affairs Unit to come in and begin an investigation that has been on-going since 8 PM. The Sheriff has ordered that the Deputy involved be placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation."

Sheriff Hill said the investigation is being handled by Internal Affairs.

Screen shot of video.


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