#BlackLivesMatter Activists Interrupt Bernie Sanders' Speech

#BlackLivesMatter Activists Interrupt Bernie Sanders' Speech

Protesters took over the event to commemorate the death of Michael Brown.

Published August 9, 2015

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was in for a shock during his rally in Seattle on Saturday after a group of #BlackLivesMatter activists disrupted the event.

According to Time, activists took over the rally to commemorate the anniversary of Michael Brown's death. The group, consisting of two women and a man from a Seattle chapter of #BlackLivesMatter, showed up to Sanders' event, snatched the microphone and began speaking to the crowd. Despite the rough entrance, campaign officials allowed the trio to address the attendees for four and a half minutes to honor the four and a half hours that Brown was left lying in the streets of Ferguson, Mo., last year after being fatally shot by a police officer.


"Bernie says that he’s all about the people and about grassroots," Marissa Johnson, one of the protesters said. "The biggest grassroots movement in this country right now is Black Lives Matter."

Sanders, apparently, did not even get a change to speak at the rally. He released a statement addressing his disappointment soon after: "I was especially disappointed because on criminal justice reform and the need to fight racism there is no other candidate for president who will fight harder than me," he said.

The presidential candidate came under fire with #BlackLivesMatter protesters in the past after he was heard saying, "Black lives matter, white lives matter, Hispanic lives matter" while criticizing the movement.

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(Photo: AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

Written by Moriba Cummings


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