Marshawn Lynch Ready to Retire After Saving $50 Million

Marshawn Lynch Ready to Retire After Saving $50 Million

Beastmode tamed?

Published February 8, 2016

Classic Beastmode.

During Super Bowl 50 on Sunday night, Marshawn Lynch took to his Twitter account and seemingly announced his retirement in a way that only he could... by throwing up the deuce.


The cleats over the telephone wire and the peace sign couldn't be a more fitting way for Lynch to let everyone know that he's hanging them up after an illustrious nine-year NFL career, one in which he won a Super Bowl and carved his lane for being the most-violent running back the league has ever seen, all while offering up one-word answers on the regular to the media.

Remember the "I'm here, so I don't get fined" phrase?

As much as Lynch was a beast on the field, he was a beast when it came to his bank account savings off of it, too.

The 29-year-old rusher reportedly saved nearly every last dollar of the $50 million he pocketed in salary over his nine seasons in the NFL, enabling him to retire at such an early age.

That's a far better predicament than African-American families are facing when it comes to retirement in the United States.

An Urban Institute report from last February found that in 2013, the average white family had upwards of $130,000 in liquid retirement savings in comparison to the $19,000 for the average Black family.

Props to Beastmode for saving up every last dime.

What will be his next move, though?

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(Photo: Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Written by Mark Lelinwalla


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