Warriors' JaVale McGee Disrespectfully Tells Shaq, 'Get My Nuts Out of Your Mouth'

JaVale McGee, Shaquille O'Neal

Warriors' JaVale McGee Disrespectfully Tells Shaq, 'Get My Nuts Out of Your Mouth'

The Diesel wound up calling the center a "bum."

Published February 24, 2017

Anyone familiar with Shaquille O'Neal's Shaqtin' a Fool knows that JaVale McGee has been a favorite target of the Hall of Fame center's blooper show for all the clumsy blunders he has committed throughout his nine-year career.

In the past, McGee has taken the jokes aimed at him in good fun. But this year has been different, as the Golden State Warriors' center seems to be sick and tired of being the butt of the Diesel's jokes.

So, last night, when Shaq presented a Dr. Strange parody video about McGee on TNT's Inside the NBA, the Warriors center clapped back, telling O'Neal "get my nuts out of your mouth."


Shaq then threatened to put hands on McGee as things went from zero to 100 on Twitter real quick.

And people were there for all of it, especially reacting to JaVale's scathing tweet with even more hilarity.

Check out how the parody video led to McGee's peanut-emoji tweet and fans' reactions.

  1. Shaq and JaVale's beef re-ignited last night when the Diesel parodied the Warriors center in this video with zero chill

    That's all it took for McGee to say enough's enough!

  2. Peep how the usually fun-loving Warriors center used this peanut emoji to let Shaq know he's not gonna take any jokes anymore

    Someone got some courage we see. And needless to say, people responded to McGee's explosive tweet in a hurry.

  3. People Had Real Tears Over McGee Having The, Well, Balls to tweet that to Shaq


  4. Others Evoked Shaq's Acting history

    You mad or nah, Diesel?

  5. This reaction sums it up quite well

    Too real and too fitting.

  6. This Fan Is Letting JaVale know that he should expect the NBA to fine him for this tweet

    Get your check book ready.

  7. Accurate Vibes

    Shots fired ... Shaq down?

  8. But even with the scathing tweet, JaVale can't front ... he does make a ton of clumsy, head-scratching blunders
  9. McGee's Clapback Made Shaq throw up his hands

    If the Diesel does run into the Warriors' center, we don't like JaVale's chances at all.

  10. Still, JaVale held his ground and didn't back down to the four-time champion Hall of Famer

    There's that peanut emoji again. Where will this go next?

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