People Are Dragging LaVar Ball's $200 Price Point for Lonzo's Big Baller Brand Shoes

LaVar Ball, Lonzo Ball

People Are Dragging LaVar Ball's $200 Price Point for Lonzo's Big Baller Brand Shoes

"Out of his f***ing mind."

Published May 3, 2017

LaVar Ball never ceases to amaze us.

After Nike, Adidas and Under Armour passed on the chance of making his son Lonzo Ball an endorsement offer last week, reports surfaced about Mr. Ball aiming to set Lonzo's debut sneakers with the family's Big Baller Brand at a price point of $200.

Wait ... what!?

To put that into perspective, Nike sells a pair of LeBron James's kicks for $220. But that's King James, who is battle-tested tried and true with three NBA titles, three Finals' MVPs, four league MVPs and 13 All-Star Game appearances to his name. Not Lonzo Ball, who is projected to be a top three pick in the 2017 NBA Draft, but is otherwise unproven, making LaVar's $200 tag that much more zany.

That being said, people have been dragging Mr. Ball to hell and back for his outlandish price point. Check out some of the savage slander.

  1. Upon learning that LaVar Ball Wants to Sell Lonzo's Shoe for $200, People Burst Out Laughing

    Real tears over this one.

  2. And Those Real Tears From All That Laughing Perfectly Segued Into LaVar getting the MJ Crying Face Treatment

    You absolutely did this to yourself, Mr. Ball.

  3. Has He Truly Lost It?

    Daring price point to say the least.

  4. Is This How LaVar's Big Baller Brand Pitch Went With The Sneaker Giants?

    Yes, it's best to Moonwalk out the boardroom at this point.

  5. The Internet Is SAVAGE For This One

    #lavarball #lonzoball #bigballerbrand

    A post shared by Fox Styles (@foxstyles) on

    The 1st Ls — a LaVar Ball-Payless collabo? No chill whatsoever.

  6. And the slander only continued

    Damn, homie.

  7. People Even Hit Him With The John Travolta and Cam'Ron Faces

    Anybody got their $200 out in anticipation for these joints?

  8. This is too much!

    Another reason why the internet remains undefeated: Shark Tank investors laughing off LaVar's Big Baller Brand pitch. Damn ... life hits you fast sometimes.

Written by BET Staff

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