People Lost Their Minds Imagining LaVar Ball's Reaction To The Lakers Landing Second Pick

Isaiah Thomas

People Lost Their Minds Imagining LaVar Ball's Reaction To The Lakers Landing Second Pick

And Celtics' fans were flexing over their No. 1 selection.

Published May 16, 2017

Well, before the 2017 NBA Draft Lottery on Tuesday night, LaVar Ball let it be known that the Los Angeles Lakers should draft his son, Lonzo Ball. The outspoken dad took it as far to say that the Lakers will draft Lonzo and that he was merely speaking it into existence.

That being said, the moment the Lakers drew the second overall pick in the Draft Lottery, Twitter exploded, imagining all the ways that Mr. Ball is reacting to it in excitement.

Here's a look at the Draft Lottery order and the hilarity that ensued.

  • 1. Boston
  • 2. Los Angeles Lakers
  • 3. Philadelphia
  • 4. Phoenix
  • 5. Sacramento
  • 6. Orlando
  • 7. Minnesota
  • 8. New York
  • 9. Dallas
  • 10. Sacramento
  • 11. Charlotte
  • 12. Detroit
  • 13. Denver
  • 14. Miami
  1. The Internet Had LaVar Ball Reacting To The Lakers Getting The Second Pick Like ...

    After all the lobbying that LaVar Ball has done for the Los Angeles Lakers to select his son, Lonzo, he had to see this wave of reactions coming. And they're hilarious!

  2. If the Lakers Do Draft Lonzo, Could The Ball Family Catch Their Own Reality TV Show?

    Hmm ...

  3. Just Imagine if One of these two scenarios happen, though ...

    Yes, to the latter. How crazy would that be?

  4. The Celtics Walked into the 2017 NBA Draft Lottery Flexing

    The Celtics earned the top pick via a trade with the Nets stemming from their 2013 blockbuster trade, which sent Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Jason Terry to Brooklyn. Since the Nets had the worst record in the league this season, they had the best chance of landing the No. 1 pick, which went to Boston via that trade from four years ago.

  5. And The Celtics and their fans Felt Unstoppable when that No. 1 pick became official

    On top of the world.

  6. A retiring Paul Pierce was like ...

    After all, The Truth was a part of that 2013 trade that helped make the Celtics' No. 1 pick possible.

  7. Meanwhile, Nets' Fans Were Dejected Beyond Belief

    Sorry, Bk ... we're shaking our heads with you.

  8. People Had a Ton Of Jokes On Joel Embiid's Reactions, Including The Sixers Center Himself

    Hey, the third pick ain't too shabby.

  9. Suns Fans Felt Triggered Slipping To Fourth Despite The Second-Worst Record In The League This Season


  10. Kings Fans Had Reason To Feel a lot better

    It's a party in Sactown tonight.

  11. Should The Magic Blame Themselves On Slipping To Sixth?

    When meaningless wins equal monumental losses?

  12. T-Wolves Fans Were Like ...

    At least the future is bright with Karl-Anthony Towns.

  13. The Knicks' Draft Woes Continued

    No words.

  14. Remember Michael Finley?

    We guess Mark Cuban couldn't make it.

  15. Perhaps the Draft Lottery Can Be Summed Up Best Like This ...


Written by Mark Lelinwalla


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