Shannon Sharpe Blasts Jason Whitlock For Using A Colin Kaepernick Impersonator

Shannon Sharpe

Shannon Sharpe Blasts Jason Whitlock For Using A Colin Kaepernick Impersonator

"This is unacceptable."

Published September 6, 2017

Shannon Sharpe and Jason Whitlock both work for Fox Sports 1 ... but they couldn't be more different.

So, when Whitlock had a Colin Kaepernick impersonator in FS1's studios Tuesday, Sharpe let his colleague have it.

The NFL Hall of Famer and co-host of the network's Skip and Shannon: Undisputed show took to his Twitter account to let everyone know that Whitlock using the Kaep impersonator is "unacceptable," while adding, "I totally denounce his skit." (It was later revealed that the impersonator was Kid from Kid N' Play and people weren't happy about it).

And people completely agree with Sharpe, proceeding to drag the controversial Whitlock for his latest indiscretion.

  1. Jason Whitlock really thought it would be funny to have a Colin Kaepernick impersonator in FS1's studio

    Shaking our heads in disgust.

  2. Shannon Sharpe wasn't having it at all

    Hopefully Sharpe could sit Whitlock down and speak some goddamn sense into him.

  3. And people took Sharpe's side while dragging the hell out of Whitlock

    People respect your effort, Shannon.

  4. What's worse? Whitlock's Kaepernick impersonator or the fact that nobody at FS1 thought it was a bad idea?

    Yeah, that explains it.

  5. People didn't hesitate to call him a 'coon' for the segment

    He did it to himself with this one.

  6. Whitlock tried to dismiss the outrage as '#FakeNews,' but people kept clapping back


  7. Trey Songz Couldn't Resist From Dragging Whitlock Either, and When the FS1 personality responded, he got ripped for that, too

    Do better, bruh!

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