The White Host Who Laughed While Her Colleague Said Diddy Looks Like He Smoked A Blunt And Drank A 40 Has Now Apologized


The White Host Who Laughed While Her Colleague Said Diddy Looks Like He Smoked A Blunt And Drank A 40 Has Now Apologized

Darya Folsom's apology came after sports reporter Henry Wofford offered his apology after being dragged.

Published December 19, 2017

Update: Darya Folsom laughed while her Bay Area Kron 4 News colleague Henry Wofford stated that Diddy looks like he "smoked a blunt" and "drank a 40" and as he questioned how can we take Diddy seriously in reference to the rap mogul wanting to own the Carolina Panthers. In addition to laughing through the disgraceful live TV segment, Folsom also asked what Diddy does. Wow.  

Well, after Wofford and Folsom were dragged to hell on Twitter, Wofford made a public apology last night and Folsom followed suit, apologizing today.

"Many were offended at a segment I aired that discussed Sean 'Diddy' Combs possibly buying the Panthers. I was asking our sports reporter about his thoughts and he made a disparaging joke about Combs," Folsom wrote on Kron 4's website. "I am sorry for entertaining his comments and sorry for my response and how I handled the conversation."

She added: "To those who found my comments or reaction offensive, I hear you and I am sorry for my handling of the topic, my comments and the impression I made."

Accepting her apology or nah?


Previously: Diddy expressing his desire to become the Carolina Panthers' next owner stirred up plenty of excitement, with Steph Curry and Colin Kaepernick tweeting that they "want in" on a possible ownership group with the rap mogul.

But one sports reporter, Henry Wofford, from the Bay Area's Kron 4 News, used the moment to state that Diddy looks like he "smoked a blunt" and "drank a 40," while questioning, "how can we take Diddy seriously?" And Wofford, who is Black, did that while on the air with his Kron 4 News colleague Darya Folsom, who is white.

Wofford's inexplicable comments got him dragged to hell and back Monday, until he offered a public apology last night.

But the damage was done because people didn't want to hear Wofford's apology at all and they let him know just that with these reactions, while also asking where Folsom's apology is. After all, Wofford delivered his thoughts about Diddy on Folsom's show, while she laughed through the disgraceful segment.

  1. The Backlash of Henry Wofford saying diddy looks like he 'smoked a blunt' and 'drank a 40' got so severe that the sports reporter offered this public apology last night

    But he'd find out really soon that the damage was done.

  2. Twitter wasn't ready to accept his apology at all


  3. Others weren't interested in an apology anyway


  4. And Twitter collectively congratulated Wofford, courtesy of DJ KHaled

    You did this to yourself.

  5. Upon learning that Wofford apologized, people had to know where Folsom's apology is

    All #Facts.

  6. Well, Darya ... ?

    She seemingly deleted her Twitter account Tuesday after posting Wofford's apology.

  7. Here's One way to handle this ...


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