Meet the Spicy Cast of Games People Play

Meet the Cast of New Series Games People Play Starring Lauren London
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Meet the Spicy Cast of Games People Play

It's an all-star cast with a whole lot of sass.

PUBLISHED ON : APRIL 3, 2019 / 01:55 PM

  1. Lauren London as Vanessa King

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    The wife of a megastar basketball player, Vanessa constantly battles those looking to sabotage her marriage while on her own personal path to discover who she is and what she wants.

  2. Karen Obilom as Nia Bullock

    As one of N.Y.C.'s top gossip bloggers, Nia gets offered a job in L.A. covering the salacious stories of the rich and famous. Her gossip job starts a conflict with her good friend Vanessa when Nia's stories hit too close to home.


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  3. Parker McKenna Posey as Laila James

    As a talented but struggling actress who can't seem to find a break, Laila is forced to use her beauty in other ways to make ends meet.

  4. Sarunas Jackson as Marques King
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    Marques was able to prepare himself for all aspects of life as a professional basketball player -- except the women. His inability to resist temptation causes what may be irreparable damage to his marriage to Vanessa.

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    Jackie Long joins as Kareem Johnson, Marques’ childhood best friend. While it’s nothing but love between them, Kareem can’t help but wonder how life would be different if he went pro, too.

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    Kendall Kyndall plays MJ Jackson. MJ isn’t only Nia’s faithful assistant, but also one of her best friends. These two have the type of relationship where they can practically finish each other’s sentencesIn addition to providing Nia with sage advice and much needed comic relief, MJ also keeps his ear to the streets and always comes through with a source or a plug.



  7. Barry Brewer as Eric Bishop

    When Nia lands a dream job in L.A., Eric is supportive and maintains a long-distance relationship with her until he can relocate, but then he learns Nia has reconnected with an old flame.


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  8. Monti Washington as Terrence Wilkins
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    Nia's ex-boyfriend Terrence wants to pick up where they left off when Nia moves to L.A., but Nia has a boyfriend back in New York. Will Terrence be able to respect Nia's boundaries?

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