Exclusive: 5 Fun Facts About Singer Gallant

Gallant performing live on BET Imagine Room with guitar player in the background

Exclusive: 5 Fun Facts About Singer Gallant

The singer opens up about his favorite R&B girl group, performing alongside Seal, and the one person he would take to dinner if given the chance!

Published September 23rd

Written by Soraya Joseph

Singer Gallant recently stopped by BET's Imagine Room, and of course left listeners in awe.

The artist was the latest guest to perform on the BET Digital series. During the intimate setting, the 27-year-old performed live-renditions of his newer tracks, including "Sleep On It," and "Crimes."

Check out the full performance below, as well as five fun facts that the singer revealed about himself to BET Digital!

  1. Gallant appeared in an episode of 'Insecure'

    Last year the singer made his acting debut in season three of Issa Rae's Insecure. The Coachella-themed episode, titled "High-Like,' featured Issa and the gang on a girl's trip to the famed music festival. In the episode, Gallant plays "Julian," a close friend of Issa's boo Nathan, as well as the supplier of the crew's trippy treats.

    During an interview with 108TalkRadio, Gallant described his time on set as:

    “It was tough at first but they made me feel really welcomed. By day two the vibes were solidified. Really cold during the nights scenes but when the cameras were running to when the cameras were off we all had fun.”

  2. He credits Maxwell and Usher as being Inspiration to Him

    The young singer, whose sound has often been mirrored to that of Maxwell's, credits the iconic soul singer, along with R&B crooner Usher, as some of the inspiration behind his music. In a 2017 interview with Parle Mag, an interviewer compared Gallant to Maxwell, to which the singer replied:

    "I’m a huge Maxwell fan, that’s a huge compliment."

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  3. He's also a huge fan of women in R&B, particularly Brandy & 702

    During an interview with BET Digital, the Maryland-raised singer revealed that former 90's and early 2000's music trio, 702, was his favorite R&B group of all time. The "Sleep On It" singer also revealed that if he could choose any one of his favorite artists to have dinner with, he would choose an evening out with Brandy.

    In Gallant's Spotify playlist, fittingly titled "Music That Raised Me," he lists "Finally," from 702's self-titled album as one of his favorite childhood songs, as well as a few tracks off of Brandy's 2002 Full Moon project.

  4. The most fascinating person Gallant has ever met is....

    Seal! Not only is Gallant a huge fan of the contemporary singer and songwriter, he actually had a chance to perform alongside the veteran artist for a special, one-take rendition of Gallant's "Weight in Gold," on Gallant's show, In the Room.

    "I was nervous as s**t doing because one of the last living legends was standing next to me singing my song, the whole thing was surreal," Gallant said in an interview with i-D

    "I think Seal had a huge influence on lyrical quality and helped diversify my idea of what it means to be a black man writing poems and being honest,"  he told i-D.

  5. The singer has written over 300 songs!

    The 27-year-old singer revealed to BET Digital that he has written over 300 songs! Whew! 

    Be sure to tune into the full episode of Gallant's Imagine Room performance below!

    Imagine Room airs every Monday at 5pm EST, only on BET Digital!

Photos by Jocelyn Prescod


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