Cast and Info

Danielle Mone' Truitt as Rebel Knight

REBEL is an Oakland detective who's solved more homicides in the last three years than any detective on the force.  Former military with a Purple Heart, she's well-respected and even a little feared. Alert, astute, intelligent and tough, she has a cutting edge style and exudes a calm intensity. However, underneath her calm beauty, there is something coiled, wired and intense. 


Rebel’s former police partner whose split decision to shoot, places him squarely between Rebel’s career and her family. Mack struggles with his identity, is he a good cop or a criminal?

Angela Ko as CHEENA LIN

Rebel’s loyal & sassy long-term best friend who reluctantly gets pulled into Rebel’s investigation.  As Rebel’s career blossoms, Cheena comes to realize her needs and sees that her goals can no long come second. 

Mykelti Williamson as MR. RENE KNIGHT

A strong, but broken man who loves Rebel dearly, but blames her for the death of her brother Malik.  He turns to alcohol to numb his sadness and tries to make Malik’s life stand for something. 

Cliff "Method Man" Smith as TERRANCE “TJ” JENKINS

He and Rebel separated because he wanted kids and she didn’t.  TJ still loves Rebel and wants her to be comfortable being vulnerable around him all while he tries to commit to a new life with a new girl and a new job.

Giancarlo Esposito as CHARLES GOLD

Split between representing his police force and supporting his long-time friend Rebel, Charles Gold wants to save the Oakland Police Department but knows he cannot please everybody.  

Mikelen Walker as MALIK KNIGHT

Rebel’s brother is murdered by the cops at a young age when he was on the verge of a successful rap career.  His memory lives on and fuels the Black Lives Matter movement.  

LaTanya Richardson as DETECTIVE JONES

Detective Traylynn is Mack's new partner. Down-to-earth, perceptive, motherly, she is also pretty tough. She's not the type to go out for a drink to unwind. She'd rather go home and knit for her grandson...

Lauren London as KIM

Rebel and TJ’s former army comrade is now a disheveled war veteran who needs Rebel’s help in a case against a killer who has it out for her.

Tamala Jones as JACKIE

Jackie re-enters Rene Knights life a changed woman who has left the fast life and drinking behind.  As Rene prepares for the lawsuit against the police department for Malik’s death,  she acts as a comforting presence.

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