Exclusive! Kandi Burruss Reveals What Happened When She and Todd Attempted a '50 Shades' Scenario

ATLANTA, GA - JULY 14:  TV personalities Kandi Burrus and Todd Tucker attend Tiny Harris Celebrity Birthday Celebration at Scales 925 on July 14, 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

Exclusive! Kandi Burruss Reveals What Happened When She and Todd Attempted a '50 Shades' Scenario

Hint: it was not smooth sailing.

Published February 9, 2017

Kandi Burruss could sell sex to a nun. And not because she’s an excellent salesman, but because the way she speaks about romance and intimacy is so alluring, it’s like she’s letting you in on a secret that you didn’t even know you needed to hear.

While you've been watching her for years as a talented singer and songwriter, wife, mother and businesswoman, you might think you know just about everything about her. But the star of the hit Bravo reality show Real Housewives of Atlanta revealed to me that she's something you probably didn't know — ticklish. She tells me this after we ask her to recount a personal 50 Shades Darker-esque story.

She thinks for a moment, then dishes. “I’m ticklish. My husband [Todd]’s ticklish. So we were debating about who was gonna be tied up… because you know, it’s like you’re giving up all control when you decide to do that.” She continues, “You really have to let go if you allow someone to blindfold you and tie you up. So yeah, it was a little debate.”

“He won,” she admits. “He got to tickle me. He was in control.”

The bedroom might be the only place Kandi relinquishes control, but she still knows what she wants. When asked the position she’d choose if she was only allowed to have sex in one position for the rest of her life, she answers without any hesitation, “laying flat on my stomach with my legs closed and [her husband’s] legs on the outside.” 

Since we saw so many positions in the 50 Shades franchise, we agree it's difficult to choose just one. Although, it is clear that age and athleticism play a definitive role in Christian and Ana's sex life that is not necessarily achievable for the average human. 

Love ❤️is... A Feeling You Get Hooked On #BedroomKandi bedroomkandi.com

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Talking about her Bedroom Kandi collection, she says when she’s alone, “I love ‘Cuddle,’” a massager that she explains is “called ‘Cuddle’ because it curves and it’s made to hit the inside G spot.” For someone new to toys, she suggests “’Kandi Kisses’ because it’s small and it’s just to tickle the outside really.”

Kandi speaks confidently and knowledgeably about sex, so it comes as no surprise that she has an even better alternative to “the grapefruit blowjob” and has known the technique since before that infamous viral YouTube tutorial (wherein a woman named Auntie Angel shows the audience how to fellate a man using a grapefruit).

“We call it 'A Georgia Peach,'" she says unironically and goes on to extol the benefits of using a peach over a grapefruit — namely that a peach is sweeter and a grapefruit “might sting the man if the juice gets in the wrong place.”

Kandi’s enthusiasm about sex makes me wonder if there’s anything that might make her give it up. When I ask, she squinches her face and repeats, “One thing that would make me give it [sex] up?”

“Does that include masturbation?” she asks. It does. She throws her hands up, laughing, “Ah forget it. You can keep it, whatever it is.” Then she reluctantly comes to a decision. “It would have to be, like… a billion dollars.” But she’s still thinking.

“Does oral sex count?” she asks.

“I’ll give you oral sex, sure,” I say, immediately clarifying that I don’t mean that the way it sounded. I mean that this hypothetical would allow oral sex!

She finally settles on a billion dollars, adding, “But that would be hard because intimacy is so important.”

Speaking about intimacy, for those nights when your partner isn’t “in the mood,” Kandi says, “A massage always starts the night off right. With Bedroom Kandi, we have these massage oil candles” and she describes that they are unique because you can pour the wax from these candles directly onto your skin.

Kandi struggles to think of someone she would consider worthy of a “hall pass” – someone she’d sleep with if her husband gave her the OK — citing her years in the group Xscape as a reason she “wouldn’t go for the famous types” as she tends “to stay away from other entertainers.” What she does say is, if you’re not enjoying sex with your partner, you probably “haven’t gotten with the right person that really turns you on in that way.”

She adds with authority, “And if that’s the case, don’t waste your time...You can have a climax by yourself.”

Written by Mercedes Tahir

(Photo: Paras Griffin/Getty Images)


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