See Inside Floyd Mayweather's New Pad He Dubbed His ‘Beverly Hills Palace'

Floyd Mayweather Jr. attends a basketball game between the  Oklahoma City Thunder and the Los Angeles Clippers at Staples Center on December 21, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.

See Inside Floyd Mayweather's New Pad He Dubbed His ‘Beverly Hills Palace'

The price tag on his mega mansion is RIDICULOUS.

Published September 20, 2017

Floyd Mayweather Jr decided to retire in style. And like the champ he is, Floyd needs a palace fit for a king. That's exactly what “Money Mayweather” got — a $26 million dollar mansion! #KingGoals, seriously! 

After a mega-payout (allegedly well over $150 million) from his fight with Conor McGregor, the undefeated boxer decided to treat himself.

He bought his ladies 10 Hermes Birkin bags, well, simply because he can.

Ladies love to be spoiled. 10 Hermes Birkin Bags cause I can. #hermes #birkin #tmt #tbe

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Oh, and he made it rain in the strip club with Dave Chappelle.

The next logical thing to do was to buy ANOTHER massive mansion on the West Coast. He presented to the world via the 'Gram his “Beverly Hills Palace," as he calls it.

Thanks to Variety and Floyd's IG, we got the facts on Mayweather's new pad. Disclaimer: you may become extremely depressed after seeing this lavish home and question your career choice.

The price tag for the Walmart-size Beverly Hills home was $25,500,000 plus another $500,000 for the furnishings, but that’s chump change for the boxer.

Livin' life in Beverly Hills.

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Naturally, Floyd needed adequate space to fit all of his huge croc travel bags full of cash. The home occupies 15,096 square feet, possessing six bedrooms and eight full and two half bathrooms.

The former owner, Marianne Metropoulos, is the wife of billionaire businessman C. Dean Metropoulos. So the home comes with positive wealthy money vibes to ensure Floyd's coin continues to flourish.

If he ever feels like leaving his palace (although we can't see why), he can walk over to iconic Beverly Hills Hotel, a Kardashian favorite hangout. 

Some other details of the home include a foyer with a white marble floor and a sculptural staircase with recessed, LED-lit handrail; a formal living room larger than some hotel lobbies and lined with 10 sets of floor-to-ceiling French doors; formal dining room with fireplace set into a moody smoked mirrored wall; a bar lounge with marble-topped bar; and a glass-faced wine cellar. And wait, there's more...

Relaxing in the 90210.

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My wine cellar in my Beverly Hills castle.

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To make his guests feel like kings and queens as well, all guest bedrooms have deluxe en-suite marble bathrooms while the master suite encompasses a massive bedroom with marble fireplace and French doors to a terrace that runs the full width of the house and overlooks the backyard. Who would want to go back to their home after living like that?

Every super upscale million dollar home needs and extravagant stairwell that goes to a secret location in the home (duh). Floyd's new secret stairwell is a marble-paved exterior staircase, which leads an extensive, partially subterranean accessory structure tucked beneath the backyard that contains a self-contained staff apartment.

Beverly Hills lifestyle... healthy, wealthy and stress free.

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The home has other million-dollar-home must-haves like a 20-seat movie theater with concession bar, a mirror-walled gym, a laundry room finished to the same high quality as the rest of the house, a swimming pool, spa, and a pantry full of candy! 

Grabbing a few snacks before watching Sportscenter in my Beverly Hills Palace movie theatre, that comfortably seats 50 people.

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The fighter loves to collect expensive real estate, so we're not surprised by this extravagant purchase. Floyd owns additional properties surrounding the Las Vegas area ranging from his $1.81 million dollar penthouse to his Sin City home, a.k.a. “Big Boy Mansion," which, by the way, has its own IG account.

@floydmayweather at one of his mansions, somewhere in the world.

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Ball 'til you fall, Floyd “Money” Maker. And since NO ONE can knock you out — ball out forever, bruh!

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Written by Maurice Marcel

(Photo: Noel Vasquez/Getty Images)


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