Acupuncture Center Wthn Promises To Slow Down Aging By Turning You Into A Pincushion

Good to Glow: Wthn

Acupuncture Center Wthn Promises To Slow Down Aging By Turning You Into A Pincushion

We know, it's not the kind of shots you're used to.

Published July 16th

Written by Alana Loren Bethea

After working those long 9-to-5 hours, our bodies may feel tense and in need of some extra care. Because self-care is important -- and we’re “acu-curious” about the benefits of using traditional methods, on the third episode of our "Good to Glow" series, we experimented with needles. 

Although they pin and prick, needles are used as an alternative medicine to relax the muscles in our bodies. This form of beauty service is called acupuncture. 22-year-old college student Gina went through a relieving Facetime Acupuncture Treatment at Wthn.

Located in the Flatiron District of Manhattan, Wthn is an acupuncture-based beauty service that believes in releasing stress in order to improve our bodies' health and wellness. In doing so, the service uses a Prevent//Heal//Glow initiative.

“Our approach is based on 2,500 years of time-tested healing plus the latest in modern research. Traditional Chinese medicine has naturally healed humans for thousands of years through acupuncture, herbal medicine + cupping — holistically powerful together, just as life-changing on their own,” Wthn said regarding their approach to healing.

For Gina, classes have been stressing her out, and she doesn’t want her “black to crack”! 

To help with that, the cosmetic "Facetime" treatment provides life-changing results, as there is a noticeable change in the puffiness of the face, and the skin is balanced by removing excess oils. The treatment also relaxes the muscles which causes wrinkles and boosts collagen and elastin to firm and tone the face. Fun fact: Collagen also prevents sagging of the face. Baby face, here we come!

Also, Wthn believes stress is the source of disease, so the use of acupuncture erases all our problems.

How does acupuncture help resolve the problem of stress? With the placement of hair-thin needles on areas of the body, acupuncture increases blood flow, decreases tension and promotes the production of natural painkilling chemicals in our bodies.

Having as many as 2,000 acupuncture points in our body, Wthn pinpoints certain parts that may affect digestion and/or stress.

You know what else helps cope with tension in our bodies? Sound therapy. According to Wthn, acupuncture coupled with sound therapy can alter brain waves to reduce stress. On top of that, add a facial rejuvenation with LED Light Therapy and you’re golden.

Let’s be honest -- golden isn’t even the right word to describe Gina’s experience at Wthn. Watch for yourself to see her results from the Facetime Acupuncture Treatment!


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