The Internet Is At War Over A Man Who Cooked 'Ground Turkey' For His Date At Home

'Netflix And Chill' Gone Wrong: The Ground Turkey Debate

The Internet Is At War Over A Man Who Cooked 'Ground Turkey' For His Date At Home

Who could’ve known that a home-cooked meal could cause a social media frenzy?

Published November 4th

Written by BET Staff

Who could’ve known that a dinner date featuring ground turkey meat could cause a social media frenzy? If you have no idea what we are talking about, let us fill you in. 

It all started when Destiny Nicole’s “friend” insisted he needed a “mental recharge” and suggested they stay in for a cozy Saturday night at his place. On the night’s roster? A cuddling session, Netflix movies, and a home-cooked meal to top off the night. Or maybe not…it all really depends on which side you fall on in this debate.

Below, take a look at the turkey dinner (or lack thereof) that has social media wondering if she should give him another chance to “Netflix and Chill.” 

Hmm, that doesn’t look quite like what we were thinking but hey, who’s to judge. Well, plenty of people, especially those who hopped on The Shade Room to comment on the repost with their thoughts and opinions.

“Ladies, stop accepting low effort dates so you don’t get upset when you get low effort quality,” one person implored. “High standards protect you from low quality experiences. Netflix and chill dates are reserved for [men] who actually deserve it. This is a mess.” 

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The debate also seemed to swerve into whether or not he was forthright about his culinary abilities. “He said he was making ground turkey; he didn’t say anything else,” some argued in the comments. 

“He could’ve put a little more razzle dazzle into it," others retorted. 

Some believed that it's the thought that counts. “Look at the bright side, he didn’t cancel.. u got a real plate and fork .. that’s class.”

While others were adamant that he could have tried harder. “Sis couldn’t even get a taco shell,” another questioned.

While it is clear that the internet is divided on the dinner date, it is unclear if Destiny has plans to return. If she does, let us offer this small advice: consider a couple’s virtual cooking class.

See, we all win! 

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