OMG, Watch!: Teyana Taylor And Iman Shumpert's Newborn Daughter Talks At 3-Months-Old: “How Are You?”

Teyana Taylor & Iman Shumpert's Newborn Daughter Is Already Talking!

OMG, Watch!: Teyana Taylor And Iman Shumpert's Newborn Daughter Talks At 3-Months-Old: “How Are You?”

See the jaw-dropping video of Baby Rue Rose for yourself!

Published December 18th

Written by Tweety Elitou

Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert’s newborn baby girl is already hitting major baby milestones. 

Recently, the Wake Up Love singer posted shocking footage on Instagram showing her 3-month-old daughter Rue Rose speaking. No, we’re not talking about baby babbling, it’s the real deal.

Don’t believe us? Keep scrolling to see the jaw-dropping video for yourself. 

While the video is transcribed for clarity, you can distinctly hear Rue mimicking her mom to say full phrases like “How are you?” and “Hey girl.” 

In complete shock herself, Teyana captioned the candid moment caught on camera: “What in the Dec 21, 2020 is going on here?!!! She’s only 3 months!! It’s her actually locked in tryna say what I’m saying and actually doing lip movements for me!”

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She continued, “The ‘hey girl’ took me out, I swear if I wake up and see her 3-month-old butt in the fridge looking for some milk and cookies I’m out. I gotta another baby that’s been here before y’all lmfao. Junie 5 going on 45 and Rue is 3-months going on 30. My kids are some aunties lmfaoooo.”

If you listen closely, Iman can be heard in the clip voicing his own astonishment. “Shorty dead serious tried to talk. Say something else, keep going,” the proud NBA dad encouraged before Taylor backed away from her child prodigy saying, “No, that’s scary!!”

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According to WebMD, babies typically don’t start using phrases until around age 2, which means little Rue is very advanced for her age. 

It looks like big sister Junie will have a talking buddy in no time. So adorable! 

(Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for EJAF)


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