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Angela Corey - Special prosecutor Angela Corey has a reputation of locking criminals away for long sentences and toughness when negotiating plea bargains. In 2008, she successfully ran for the State Attorney’s Office on the platform that prosecuting juvenile criminals was a top priority. Corey indicted a 12-year-old for first degree murder and is trying him as an adult for allegedly killing his 2-year-old brother. (Photo: Gary Green/The Orlando Sentinel-Pool/Getty Images)

Angela Corey, Prosecutor of Zimmerman and Dunn, Is Feeling the Heat From Blacks in Florida

The prosecutor is seeking 60 years for Marissa Alexander.
Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis murder

Parents of Trayvon, Jordan Davis to Rally Against Stand Your Ground Law

The family of Emmett Till will also be at rally.
Jordan Davis, Michael Dunn

Mistrial on Murder Charge in Jordan Davis Shooting Death

Davis's shooter was convicted of three other charges.

Despite Defeat, a Champion of Stand Your Ground Repeal Presses On

Alan B. Williams continues to fight against the Florida law.