Report: Black Americans Still More Likely To Die From Cancer

African Americans have higher odds to lose their lives to breast and prostate cancer than Whites.

NBC Correspondent Antonia Hylton Reveals Rare Cancer Diagnosis

“I learned a really important lesson at 30 to listen to myself and to put myself first.”

Peritoneal Mesothelioma Survivor Tamron Little Reminds Us Of The Importance of Self Advocacy

She was diagnosed with this rare form of cancer in 2007.

FDA To Ban Formaldehyde In Hair Straighteners Used By Black Women

The agency has long known that the chemical can increase the risk of developing cancer.

Say Her Name: Remembering Marcy Borders, An Unsung Hero of the 9/11 Attacks

Caught in the middle of one of the worst days in American history on Sept. 11, 2001, Borders fought to have a life beyond the “dust lady” moniker that almost defined her.

Being An Advocate Helped This Woman Overcome Her Stage III Ovarian Cancer Diagnosis

Listening to your body is an important key to advocating for your health.

Black Men Have Lowest Melanoma Survival Rate, Study Shows

The report revealed that Black men have a survival rate of 52% after attracting melanoma.
Hair stylist in Brazil. - stock photo
Photo of two brazilian woman. A client and a hair stylist.

Black Women Weigh Emerging Risks of ‘Creamy Crack’ Hair Straighteners

Social and economic pressures have long compelled Black girls and women to straighten their hair. But mounting evidence shows chemical straighteners may pose cancer and other health risks.

Mutulu Shakur, Stepfather of Tupac and Black Liberation Activist, Dies at 72

He tragically died of cancer shortly after his release from prison.

Simone Edwards, Former Seattle Storm Center, Dies At 49

She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer two years ago.

Ronnie Hillman, Former Denver Broncos Running Back, Dies At 31

The Super Bowl 50 winner lost his battle with a rare form of cancer.