Report Blasts Israel on Mistreatment of African Migrants

Eritreans and Sudanese risk detention or abuse back home.

Thousands of African Migrants in Israel Protest to Demand Refugee Status

Migrants say they want refugee status in Israel.

Trafficked Migrants Tell of Rape and Torture

Lampedusa survivors speak out about abuse.

Friction Toward African Migrants in Israel Is Focus of Short Film

About 60,000 African migrants are now in Israel.
Scores Dead After Boat Sinks

At Least 94 Dead in Migrant Shipwreck Off Italy

The passengers were from Ghana, Eritrea and Somalia.
Eritrea Slapped With More Sanctions - The U.N. Security Council hit the African nation of Eritrea with additional sanctions for continuing to provide support to armed groups seeking to destabilize Somalia and other parts of the Horn of Africa.\r(Photo credit: STAN HONDA/AFP/Getty Images)

Canada Expels Eritrean Diplomat for Allegedly Extorting Expatriates

Eritrean leader has accused Canada of "bullying."

Immigration: It's a Black Thing, Too

Blacks lobby lawmakers for immigration reform.