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21 Savage Speaks Out On Gun Violence In Atlanta

The city has been impacted by shootings.

Dom Kennedy Files Lawsuit Against LAPD Over “Unconstitutional” Gun Laws

The popular West Coast rapper has filed suit to address a previous arrest.

Donald Trump Says Texas Church Shooting Is A 'Mental Health' Not A 'Gun Problem' And People Quickly Point Out The Problem With His Argument

A GOP bill made it easier for mentally ill to buy weapons.

Here's Why We Wear Orange on June 2 for National Gun Violence Day

Join BET and help end senseless gun violence.

Update: 21 Injured in San Bernardino Massacre, Thousands of Rounds of Ammunition Found at Suspects' Home

Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik are suspects in the shooting.
Eric Holder, Sharon Malone

Eric Holder: The Exit Interview

Holder talks about making history with

Prosecutors Unite Nationwide to Fight Gun Violence

The first step will be a summit on gun violence prevention.

Single Mother Could Face Three Years in Prison for Legal Gun

Shaneen Allen wanted to protect her family with the weapon.
Gun Violence Deaths on the Rise Among Youth

Controversial Georgia Law Allows Guns in More Public Places

Concealed weapons can be taken in schools, stores and bars.

Marissa Alexander Back in Court, New Trial Postponed to December

The Florida woman faces up to 60 years if convicted.
Lucia McBath

Jordan Davis's Mother Calls on NRA to End 'Egregious' Gun Laws

Lucia McBath continues to advocate for gun law reform.