University of Missouri

Racist Social Media Post by University of Missouri Student is Free Speech Says Administrators

An investigation determined that since the slur wasn’t directed at another student, the student can’t be punished for writing the message.

Missouri Athletic Director Says South Carolina Fans Yelled The N-Word At Women's Basketball Players And Spit On Them During A Game

And Jim Sterk feels like South Carolina's coach added to it.

Bryson Tiller Gives Mizzou Students Relief From Racial Tension

R&B rookie was the man on campus.

Black Mizzou Alum: 'Missouri Has a Lot of Work to Do'

Aris Williams on the challenges of being a Black at Mizzou.

Missouri Student Body President: 'We Don't Have to Accept Being Marginalized' talks to Payton Head on his last day in office.

University of Missouri Board Names Black Administrator as Interim President

Michael Middleton is school's deputy chancellor emeritus.

Black Culture Center at Mizzou Vandalized

The incident occurred around 1 a.m. Thursday.

Online Threats Heighten Tensions at University of Missouri

19-year-old arrested for terrorist threats towards Blacks.

University of Missouri President Leaves Over Race Complaints

Tim Wolfe will step down immediately.

Update: Black Grad Student on Hunger Strike at University of Missouri

Jonathan Butler wants the school president to step down.