Harvard University

Four Black Harvard Students ‘Horrified’ After Police Hold Them At Gunpoint

A false 911 report sent campus police to raid a dorm suite leaving many enraged including several alumni.

Harvard University Selects Claudine Gay As New College President

The dean of the school’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences is the first African American to assume the role.

Analysis: Supreme Court Begins Hearing Affirmative Action Challenges And The Stakes Are Clear And High

There have been decades of pushback against the doctrine, but it’s now possible that diversity could see a collapse at major colleges.

Mass. Supreme Court Allows Slave Descendant To Sue Harvard For Emotional Distress

The university published ‘dehumanizing’ photos of two slaves a white supremacist Harvard professor commissioned in 1850 for his research.

Ketanji Brown Jackson Makes History As First Black Woman Confirmed As U.S. Supreme Court Justice

Rising from a SCOTUS clerkship to the high court bench itself, she steps into the next phase of a venerable career journey.

Supreme Court To Hear Two Critical Challenges To Affirmative Action Involving Harvard And University of North Carolina

The long-standing diversity promoting practice comes under the most scrutiny it has seen in years.

Emmys 2021: Yara Shahidi Requested To Present Early To Make Her Harvard Class On Time

She handed out the second trophy on Sunday evening.

Atlanta Teens Make Harvard History As First Black Girl Duo Debate Champions

They are undefeated.

Cornel West Resigns From Harvard, Calls Out the School for 'Superficial Diversity'

He accused the school of discrimination.