Human Rights Group Issues Demands To King Charles Ahead Of His Visit To Kenya

The king will acknowledge the ‘painful aspects’ of British colonial rule, but many Kenyans want more.

Kenya Doomsday Cult Deaths Top 400 As More Bodies Are Exhumed From Grave

Investigators are searching for more mass graves with more than 600 followers of a controversial pastor reported missing.

Kenyan Starvation Death Cult Toll Climbs To 201 With 600 Still Missing

As authorities exhume bodies and search for possible survivors, blame is pointed toward the leader of the group.

Roommate Suspected In Death Of Kenyan LGBTQ Rights Activist Edwin Chiloba

His decomposing body was found on the side of a road.

LGBTQ Rights Activist Edwin Chiloba’s Decomposing Body Found On Kenya Side Road

Motorcycle taxi operator reported to police seeing a box being dumped by vehicle with no license plates.

Kenyan Runners Sweep 2022 New York City Marathon

Kenyan men have won all six annual world marathon majors in 2022.

Kenya Presidential Election Bitterly Splits Country, Spurs Protests Over Political Rivals

With the vote divided almost evenly, between William Ruto and Raila Odinga, the expectation is that the result will be taken to court.

Olympic Distance Runner Agnes Tirop Found Stabbed To Death in Her Home

Her husband is believed to be a suspect.

Self-Proclaimed 'Skinny Bitches' Use Native Kenyans As Props In Bizarre Workout Video

The Skinny Bitch Collective is apologizing.

Video Of Obama Dancing In Kenya Has Us Missing Our Fav President As Many Slam 'Treasonous Trump'

"We all NEED this."