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Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson Says His Morning Playlist Features Trick Daddy and NWA

But he also likes to switch it up and throw on this popular r&b singer. Guess who?

Master P Announces No Limit Records Is Reuniting For A Tour This Fall

No Limit Records Is Reuniting For A Tour This Fall

Trick Daddy Has Hostile Words For Stevie J After His Lace Front Comment: ‘Now It’s Getting Personal’

“The next time a n***a get on a post...I’mma check ‘em.”

Trick Daddy Arrested For DUI And Cocaine Possession In Miami

Cops reportedly found the rapper asleep behind the wheel.

Trina And Trick Daddy To Replace The Rickey Smiley Radio Show

Trina also gave an update on the status of TNT.

Report: Trina And Trick Daddy To Replace Rickey Smiley With New Morning Radio Show

They are reportedly gearing up to announce the venture soon.

Trina And Trick Daddy's Altercation Over Their Album Has Fans Dropping Their Jaws

Thankfully, the exchange was thwarted by security.

Trina Went TF Off On Trick Daddy After Their Show And Now Fans Are Dragging Him By His Gold Grills

"My heart over here breaking for Trina..."