Folding Chairs, Brutal Cops, Affirmative Action: The 2023 News Stories That Hit Different for Black America

The news through these last 12 months kept us glued to our television and cellphone screens, and we couldn’t stop talking about these stories.

George Floyd Book Authors Told Not To Talk About Racism at Tennessee School Event

Tennessee is part of a wave of states banning books and silencing classroom discussions about racism.

‘Tennessee Three’ Lawmaker Justin Jones Sues House Speaker For ‘Disparate Racial Treatment’

The lawsuit against speaker Cameron Sexton is “to hold him accountable for his anti-democratic and unconstitutional actions.”

Tenn. State Rep. Justin Jones Says Vote To Silence Him Was A ‘Charade’

The Tennessee House legislature voted to discipline Jones for breaking newly enacted ‘decorum’ rules

Tennessee State President Glenda Glover Announces Retirement

She has served as president of the HBCU since January 2012 and says she wants to focus on a ‘more national problem.’

Eric Holder Calls For Full Reinstatement Of Tennessee State Rep. Justin Jones

The former U.S. attorney general represents the lawmaker who was recently re-elected after Republicans expelled him from office.

Rev. William Barber Steps In As Major Voice For Gun Safety Legislation In Tennessee After Mass Shooting

Bringing his ‘Moral Monday’ rally to Nashville the pastor addressed the recent controversies there.

Justin Pearson Reappointed To Tennessee House After Controversial Expulsion

Both young Black lawmakers have now regained their legislative seats after Republicans expelled them for protesting.

Rep. Justin Jones: 5 Things To Know About The HBCU Grad Reinstated To Tennessee House After Expulsion

The lifetime activist refuses to be silenced by the Republican supermajority in the state Legislature.

OPINION: Tennessee, Where Hypocrisy Festers and Empathy Goes to Die

The state’s lawmakers prove time and again that they’re happy focusing on the wrong things.