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Bank of America Starts No-Down-Payment Home Loans In Black, Latino Communities To Close Homeownership Gap

The mortgage industry has a long history of racial discrimination, including subprime lending and redlining, but the financial institution wants to correct that.

Ex-Boyfriend Pleads Not Guilty To Killing Bank Of America Executive

Michelle Avan was slain by a former lover, prosecutors say.

Bank of America Agrees to Record $16.65B Settlement

Homeowners and neighborhoods will receive about $7 billion.

Bank of America to Pay Black Job Applicants More Than $2 Million

Bank to pay back wages to settle a discrimination case.
Q. Why is it Potentially Catastrophic for the Government to Default?

Bank of America to Pay $2.2 Million in Discrimination Suit

African-American job seekers prevail in lawsuit.
Merrill Lynch Preps African Students for Finance

Merrill Lynch $160 Million Discrimination Settlement Goes to Judge

A federal judge will hear arguments from bank's attorneys.
Bank of America Settles With Fannie Mae

Bank of America to Pay More Than $10 Billion to Fannie Mae

The agreement settles disputes over troubled mortgages.

Commentary: Is a Morgan Stanley Settlement Coming to Predatory Loan Victims?

The firm is facing discrimination claims against Blacks.