Gun violence

Police Investigate Mass Shooting At Baton Rouge Nightclub That Wounded 12

The targeted shooting ‘will not go unchecked,’ vows Mayor Sharon Weston Broome.

Atlanta Christmas Tree Honors Children Killed By Gun Violence

Atlanta Christmas Tree Remembers Children Killed By Gun Violence

Boy Charged In Shooting Mother Over VR Headset Requested Wants Bail Lowered

His defense attorney says the amount, far lower than normal bail, is all he has in his “piggy banks.”

North Carolina Teenager Shot After Getting Off School Bus Dies

Nahzir Taylor was only 17.

Suspect Charged In Takeoff's Killing Says He’s Innocent, According To His Lawyer

Patrick Clark’s attorney urges people to ‘keep an open mind,’ as she explains his planned trip to Mexico before his arrest.

Gun Violence Study Shows Black Male Homicide Rate Highest In The Natio

Firearm Deaths Among Black Women Have Increased Dramatically

White Supremacist Mass Shooter Pleads Guilty in Buffalo Market Massacre

The shooter planned the attack which was supposed to kill as many Black people as possible.

Son of Tops Market Shooting Victim Copes By Speaking Out Against White Supremacist Violence

The son of victim, Ruth Whitfield, speaks widely about the factors surrounding the violence and hatred that killed his mother.

Op/Ed: Takeoff’s Death Issues A Time To Mourn But Also A Time For Us To Do Better

TV host and producer Van Lathan asks the tough questions to determine why these young, Black men’s lives are so fragile.

Chicago Police Solve Murder Of Popular Street Journalist But Suspects Not Prosecuted

A controversial legal principle called ‘mutual combatants’ may have played a role in allowing Zack Stoner’s accused killers to walk free.