martin luther kingiii

MLK III Reflects on Voting Rights as Congress Honors His Parents

Congress honors MLK III's parents with gold medal.

Activists Honor the Anniversary of 'Bloody Sunday'

Thousands march on the 49th anniversary of Bloody Sunday.
Bernice King

MLK’s Daughter Slams Her Brothers for Wanting to Sell Items

The King brothers want to sell their father's Nobel Prize.
Video Shows Kendrick Johnson Was Not Alone When He Died

The Kendrick Johnson Case Continues to Spark Outrage

Hundreds rally in Atlanta at the Georgia state capitol.
Martin Luther King Jr.'s Children Can't Agree on Estate

Martin Luther King Jr.'s Children in Legal Battle Over Intellectual Property

The iconic leader's daughter is being sued by his sons.

King Bemoans "Staggering" Joblessness Among Blacks

Martin Luther King III says much more must be accomplished.