police shooting

Three Officers Charged With Manslaughter In Shooting Death Of 8-Year-Old Fanta Bility

The family of the girl shot outside of a football game near Philadelphia is applauding what they say is the first step toward justice.

Released Police Body Camera Footage Shows Officer Blindly Killing Black Man

Canton resident James Williams was shot to death minutes into 2022.

Former Officer Kim Potter Breaks Down In Tears On The Witness Stand Under Questioning In Fatal Shooting of Daunte Wright

he ex-cop who says she mistook her taser for her gun, wept when remembering the moment. The case now goes to the jury to decide if she’s guilty.

Louisville Police Board Denies Ex-Officer Who Shot Breonna Taylor Chance At Getting Job Back

Former Officer Myles Cosgrove had appealed the decision to terminate his employment, but the group upheld the decision of the then-police chief

Penn. Supreme Court Considers if Law Means Police Can Use Deadly Force Anytime A Suspect Flees Arrest

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Considers Police Use of Deadly Force

Date Set For Murder Trial Of Former Texas Officer Accused Of Killing Atatiana Jefferson

The trial will start more than two years after the ex-cop fatally shot the Black woman at her home.

Family Of 8-Year-Old Shot By Police Files Lawsuit

Fanta Bility was killed on Aug. 27.

Family of Atatiana Jefferson Files Federal Suit Against Against City of Fort Worth

She was shot in her own home.

Family Of Dontrell Stephens, Who Was Shot And Paralyzed By Police In 2013, ‘Distraught’ After His Death

He died due to complications from paralysis.