Looking Back And Breathing In: The 10 Most Important News Events of 2021

The past year moved things past a largely challenging 2020, but also had many challenges of its own to deal with.

A Rapper Turned His Photo From The Capitol Riot Into An Album Cover, Faces Federal Charges

His album ‘The Capital’ is on Spotify and Apple Music.

Capitol Police Officer Breaks His Silence On the Jan. 6 Insurrection Attempt

Harry Dunn says the rioters did not win.

NAACP Files Lawsuit Against Donald Trump Over Deadly U.S. Capitol Riot

The group says he violated an 1871 law targeted at the KKK.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Reveals She Is A Sexual Assault Survivor

She opened up during an Instagram Live chat.

Eugene Goodman: Legislators Seeking To Award Capitol Police Officer For Heroism

House members want to give him Congressional Gold Medal.

Man Pictured Carrying Confederate Battle Flag In Capitol Riot Is Arrested With Son

Kevin and Hunter Seefried face several federal charges.

Timberwolves’ D’Angelo Russell Asks Reporters What They Thought About U.S. Capitol Riot

The point guard queried the people who ask him questions.

Capitol Hill Officer Eugene Goodman Being Called A Hero For Split-Second Thinking During Riot That Likely Saved Lives

The U.S. Army vet led a mob away from the Senate chamber.

Black Mayors, Appalled At U.S. Capitol Rampage, Point Out Trump’s Hypocritical Call For ‘Law and Order’ During BLM Marches

City leaders noted how the president threatened urban areas.