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Calvin's Son Gets into Trouble, Laura Calls Off Wedding in 'House of Payne' Finale

The season finale ended on a cliffhanger!

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On this week's episode, Floyd’s new love interest causes some tension with Curtis.

'House of Payne': Poker, Politics, and Principles: Trust is the Ultimate Gamble

As Curtis and CJ dive into a poker night, Ella grapples with the ethical implications of gambling in Georgia, on this week's episode of 'House of Payne'.

Wedding Wars and Historical Heroes: Drama and Redemption on 'House of Payne'

On this week's episode, Uncle Curtis clashes with the soon-to-be-weds over BBQ feuds, while the twins face the challenge of portraying Black history icons.

From Gospel Tunes to Silver Screens: The Multifaceted Journey of LaVan Davis

Dive deep into the life of LaVan Davis, the resonant voice behind the iconic 'Uncle Curtis' in 'Tyler Perry's House of Payne.'

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'House of Payne': Addresses Tough Realities and Family Bonds

In an emotionally charged episode, CJ grapples with losing a young recruit, prompting heartfelt conversations about mental health and the power of family with his children.

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Miranda’s new boo brings Calvin to a painful realization about himself in this week's episode.

‘House of Payne’: Calvin Gets Too Excited With Bachelor Party Plans