Trial Begins for Colorado Paramedics Linked to Elijah McClain Death

Jeremy Cooper and Peter Cichuniec are charged with criminally negligent homicide.

Family of Elijah McClain Left Searching For Justice After Two Officers Acquitted

Officer Nathan Woodyard, who put McClain in a choke hold, was found not guilty on charges of homicide and manslaughter.

In Three Years Since the Murder of George Floyd: How Far Have We Come?

Opinion: In the time since he was killed as he lay prone on a Minneapolis street, has any real progress been made?

Family Of Alabama Inmate Concerned For His Life Amid Neglect Claims

The family of Kastellio Vaughan say he is being denied proper medical care during his 20-year prison sentence.

OPINION: What The Tuskegee Study Teaches Us All About The Continued Problem Of Medical Racism

The horrid experiment on Black bodies opened the door to the prevalence of racist practices in medicine. The call for equity in health care should be louder than ever.
Emmett Till was brutally murdered in Mississippi after flirting with a white woman, Carolyn Bryant

Emmett Till Protesters In North Carolina Search For Carolyn Bryant Donham After Demanding 66-Year-Old Arrest Warrant Be Served

Till's supporters do not care if she is over 80– they want justice!

In The Name Of George Floyd: 10 Other Black People Killed Unjustly By Police

Despite the world outrage and calls for reform, two years after his death, we look at some of those who also lost their lives after an encounter with law enforcement.

OPINION: Changing the Chemistry of Justice By Elevating Women Like Ketanji Brown Jackson

Although women have made great strides in the judicial field, there is still more work to do, and it’s being done.

North Carolina Community Demands Justice After Off-Duty Deputy Fatally Shoots Black Man

The local police have turned the probe over to state investigators.