COVID-19 vaccine

Letitia Wright Calls Out Publication For Comparing Her Anti-Vaccination Tweet To Male Actors With Scandal Controversies

The actress expresses how she feels the intent was “vile behavior”

Kyrie Irving Says COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Was Among ‘Biggest Violations’ Of Human Rights Ever


COVID-19 Rates Plummet Across African Countries To Its The Lowest Levels

Overall, cases across the continent have decreased by 29%.

Florida Surgeon General Rejects CDC Recommendations, Says Healthy Children Should Forgo COVID-19 Vaccination

The CDC and American Academy of Pediatrics disagree and maintain their recommendation that children older than 5 be vaccinated.

Rockmond Dunbar Sues Disney’s 20th Television

The actor was written off the FOX series ‘9-1-1’ back in Nov. 2021 after asking for a religious or medical exemption amid the COVID vaccine mandate.

Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo Dodges Questions Whether COVID-19 Vaccines Work

Democrats stormed out of a state Senate confirmation hearing over his non-responses.

OPINION: Why White Supremacy Is a Nefarious Culprit Behind The Omicron Variant

A new coronavirus strain is looming over an already weary global population, but the racial disparities behind vaccine inequality are why the door has been left open for it.

Anti-Vaccine Mandate Protesters Storm Brooklyn Nets Home Opener In Support Of Kyrie Irving

Officials at the Barclays Center in Downtown Brooklyn were forced to temporarily close its front doors.

ESPN Analyst Jay Williams Says People Are Wishing Him Death For Siding With Kyrie Irving

It's all because he sided with Kyrie Irving on COVID vaccine

Black Republican Allen West Hospitalized With COVID-19 But Still Opposes Vaccine Mandates

After receiving treatment, West railed against ‘Big Pharma.’