Ron DeSantis

Lawyers Accuse DeSantis Of Dismantling Black Congressional District

The lawsuit claims that the Florida governor purposefully established districts that favored the Republican party.

Orlando Church Hosting AP African American Studies Course

The Audubon Park Covenant Church will host the courses and more than 400 people have registered from across the country.

DeSantis Snaps At Black Man Who Suggested His Policies Were Partly Behind Jacksonville Shooting

“You have allowed people to hunt people like me,” the man said to DeSantis.

Black Leaders Blast Florida Gov. DeSantis Over Jacksonville Shooting

His ‘rhetoric was always going to lead to violence,’ the Florida House Democratic leader says. But Gov. Ron DeSantis rejects that claim.

Gov. DeSantis Directs $1M Toward HBCU Edward Waters University After Jacksonville Mass Shooting Of Black People

DeSantis’ far-right policy ‘track record speaks louder than his hollow words,’ a Black Florida lawmaker says.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Suspends Black Prosecutor, Accused Of Playing Politics

Orlando-area prosecutor Monique Worrell says DeSantis is throwing ‘red meat to his base’ to boost his stalled presidential campaign.

DeSantis Invites VP Harris To Debate Florida Black History Standards, She Rejects Him

VP Harris Balks At Idea Of Debating Florida Black History Standards With DeSantis

Black Conservative Group Criticizes Florida Education Policies

The Black Conservative Federation said the state’s new guidelines “undermines the historical reality of slavery.”

Florida Gov. DeSantis Defends State Curriculum’s Claim Of Slavery 'Benefits'

‘They dare to push propaganda to our children,’ VP Kamala Harris said, blasting the situation.