#Unboxed Vol. 35: DJ Rosegold Wants To Be The Biggest DJ In The World

With a resume that includes DJing for President Barack Obama and Cardi B, she recently released her debut single, ‘Passion.’

As GOP Ousts Their House Speaker, Canada's Parliament Elects Its First Black Speaker

Quebec Liberal Greg Fergus beat out six other candidates for the leadership role as Kevin McCarthy was removed as Speaker of the House.

Canada Sends Military Plane to Haiti to Assist With Rampant Gang Violence

Gangs control most of the nation, and Canada has offered the plane to help local police disrupt their activities.
A group of African American people protests racial injustice

Black Lives Matter Foundation Send Millions To Canada Charity To Buy Toronto Mansion

The news comes after the organization has already faced scrutiny over finances in the past.

Racial Profiling: Video Of White Old Navy Employee Grabbing Black Woman And Accusing Her Of Stealing Goes Viral

Here's what the retail chain had to say after the incident.

Disgusting Video Of 14-Year-Old Boy With Cerebral Palsy Being Used As Human Bridge For Classmates

Brett Corbett's mother was brought to tears.

White Teacher Compares Black Kindergartner's Hair To 'Loc Dog' In Racist Instagram Post

The district announced the educator is under investigation.

Video Shows White Woman Poop In Restaurant And Throw It At Staff After Being Denied Bathroom Access

Police said the suspect has a history of troubling behavior.

Black Woman Humiliated After Air Canada Kicked Her Off Flight For Having Noncontagious Shingles

Jeanne Lehman said: "I was treated like an animal."

This Pop-Up Restaurant Is Working To #SmashStigma By Hiring Only HIV Positive Employees, But The Concept Received Mixed Reviews

Negative reactions prove the stigma is alive and well.