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Biden Administration Accelerating Student Loan Relief for Some Borrowers

Beginning in February, borrowers enrolled in SAVE will have their debts immediately canceled if they took out $12,000 or less in undergraduate student loans.

Student Loan Payments Are Back After 3-Year Pandemic Era Hiatus

More than 28 million borrowers will have their payments resume in October.

Student Loan Forgiveness Applications No Longer Being Accepted

The Education Department’s website says, “courts have issued orders blocking our student debt relief program.”

Here’s How To Apply For Student Loan Forgiveness

The application process is officially open.
School is finally in and student loans are way up in debts.

The Congressional Black Caucus Calls For Student Debt Cancellation

CBC Rep. Joyce Beatty says student debt is a “burden” and widens the racial wealth gap.
Businesswoman at her desk throwing papers into the air in triumph.

Mind Your Money: How This Millennial Paid Off $83K In Student Loans In Five Years

Living at home after college, her discipline and consistency helped her slay her debt that quickly.
College graduates hugging Camille Tokerud

Student Loans On Pause: 4 Ways To Utilize This Time

Now that student loan payments have been paused again, learn how to make the most of this time financially.