Critical race theory

Ron DeSantis, the Face of the Republican Push Against Black History Education, Drops Out of Presidential Race

The Florida governor came to prominence with the support of a base that balked against teaching America’s racial history.

Arkansas Pulls Approval For AP African American Studies Class

AP African American Studies courses will also not be eligible for college credit in the state.

Colin Kaepernick Taps Self-Described 'Marxist' Academics To Edit New Book

Kaepernick criticized the capitalist system in talking about the new anthology he’s working on that features several Black thought leaders.

Alabama Governor Forces Out State Early Education Secretary Over Use Of Book That Deals With Race

Gov. Kay Ivey said that “woke concepts” have no place in the state’s educational curriculum.

Arizona Schools Chief Starts Hotline To Report Educators Teaching Critical Race Theory

The state’s Republican top educator has vowed to wage a war against CRT.
Banning Black History, America in Black

'America in Black': The Plan To Erase Black History Forever

See which states are passing laws that could prohibit the truthful teaching of American history.

Harvard Faculty Speak Out Against AP African American Studies Ban

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was a graduate of their law school in 2005.

Florida Governor Wants Colleges To Prove They’re Not Pushing ‘Woke’ Ideology

Gov. Ron DeSantis has made campaigning against diversity and inclusion in the classroom and on the campus a mainstay of his governance.

Texas School District Approves Policy Limiting Critical Race Theory, Gender Identity Discussions

Teachers can’t assign students to read the award-winning ‘1619 Project’ under the new rules.