Critical race theory

Florida Governor Wants Colleges To Prove They’re Not Pushing ‘Woke’ Ideology

Gov. Ron DeSantis has made campaigning against diversity and inclusion in the classroom and on the campus a mainstay of his governance.

Texas School District Approves Policy Limiting Critical Race Theory, Gender Identity Discussions

Teachers can’t assign students to read the award-winning ‘1619 Project’ under the new rules.

Half Of Black Parents Want More Discussions About Race In The Classroom, New Study Finds

The poll took place amid the debate over history being taught in schools.

Survey Says Educators Are Being Told Not To Teach About Racism In Their Classrooms

A movement is underway in mostly Republican states to silence teaching about the roots of systemic racism.

University of Central Florida Removes Anti-Racist Statements From Its Websites

A spokesperson explains the statement doesn’t align with “university’s values”

South Dakota Governor Signs Legislation Banning Critical Race Theory, Race-Based Training Because Of ‘Discomfort’

The bill lists seven “divisive concepts” that are prohibited from being a mandatory part of training for college students or faculty members.

Mississippi Governor Signs Bill Into Law That Bans Critical Race Theory In Schools

Lawmakers in dozens of states have introduced anti-CRT legislation in a GOP political strategy to ignite their base, opponents say.

Florida Legislature Passes First Law Restricting How Race Is Discussed By Employers In The Workplace

It’s part of a nationwide GOP effort to ignite their political base through fear of discussions about systemic racism.

Kentucky Bill Would Make Teaching About Institutional Racism Illegal

The GOP is accused of unwarranted fear among parents of K-12 students about an academic framework taught in colleges.