Breonna Taylor

Breonna Taylor's Mother Meets With DOJ To Demand Federal Charges Against Officers

The EMT worker was killed by police two years ago this month.

Louisville Ex-Cop Involved In Breonna Taylor Death Found Not Guilty Of Wanton Endangerment

Jurors deliberated for only three hours a day after Brett Hankison wept on the witness stand about the incident. But the case wasn’t about Taylor’s death.

Ex-Louisville Cop Linked To Breonna Taylor Shooting Cries On The Stand At His Trial

Brett Hankison is charged with ‘wanton endangerment’ for shooting toward the apartment of Taylor’s neighbor.

Breonna Taylor’s Sister Ejected From Court For Wearing Shirt Calling For Arrests Of Officers Involved In Fatal Shooting

Fired detective Brett Hankison is not on trial for Taylor’s death and the only one charged over what happened during Taylor’s killing.

Breonna Taylor's Neighbor Says Police Were 'Reckless' In Raid At Trial Of Cop Accused Of 'Wanton Endangerment'

Cody Etherton’s pregnant girlfriend and 5-year-old son were asleep when gunfire struck their home.

Killing of Amir Locke By Minneapolis Police Sets Off Anger In A City Already Frustrated By Deaths At The Hands Of Cops

Another death at the hands of law enforcement was the source of anger at leadership in the city who accused activists of an alleged cover up.

Former Police Officer To Testify In His Own Trial For His Involvement In Breonna Taylor Shooting

Brett Hankinson is charged with wanton endangerment.

Louisville Police Board Denies Ex-Officer Who Shot Breonna Taylor Chance At Getting Job Back

Former Officer Myles Cosgrove had appealed the decision to terminate his employment, but the group upheld the decision of the then-police chief