White Supremacy

Sheriff Gives Details In Racist Jacksonville, Fla., Shooting That Killed 3

The shooter left behind white supremacist writings that read like a ‘diary of a madman,’ the sheriff says.

Historic Black D.C. Church Awarded $1 Million For Proud Boys Burning Its BLM Banner

The congregation ‘refused to be silenced in the face of white supremacist violence,’ Metropolitan AME’s pastor says.

Biden Calls For Stand Against White Supremacy At Howard Commencement, But Meets Protest

Vigilance is needed because hatred never goes away, said Biden. However, a handful of students protested his speech

Police Investigating Possible White Supremacist Ideology Of Texas Mall Shooter

Authorities are trying to figure out a motive for the shooting that killed eight people.

Black Church’s Lawsuit Demands $22M From Proud Boys Extremist Group

D.C.’s Metropolitan AME Church won’t ‘shrink in the face’ of hatred, the pastor says.

Son of Tops Market Shooting Victim Copes By Speaking Out Against White Supremacist Violence

The son of victim, Ruth Whitfield, speaks widely about the factors surrounding the violence and hatred that killed his mother.

Texas Middle School Teacher Caught On Video Telling Students White Race Is Superior

School officials placed him on administrative leave for the ‘inappropriate conversation.’

Survey: 60 Percent Of Republicans Say White Supremacy Is A Problem In U.S.

But GOP voters and Democrats disagree on the severity of the problem in the face of white supremacist mass shootings and the Jan. 6 insurrection.

NY AG Report: Social Media Played Major Role In Radicalizing Buffalo Mass Shooter

Some online platforms are ‘breeding grounds for white supremacy,’ says New York Attorney General Letitia James.

Alabama Police Investigating Social Media Post Threatening Racial Violence At Local Fair

The domestic terror threat is reportedly from a suspected white supremacist targeting ‘every Negro’ attending the fair.

Sister Of Girl Killed In 1963 Birmingham Church Bombing Still Waiting For Compensation From State

Sarah Collins Rudolph was 12 when a KKK terrorist attacked killed four Black girls.