White Supremacy

Buffalo Mass Shooter Payton Gendron Says He Committed The Crime 'For The Future Of The White Race'

Federal prosecutors presented evidence in court to support hate crimes charges.

Son Of Buffalo Shooting Victim Testifies To Congress, Asking: 'What Are You Doing?

Garnell Whitfield Jr., lost his mother in the massacre and emotionally addressed lawmakers on the threat of domestic terrorism from white supremacists.

Staffers Say Lawmaker Fired Them For Criticizing His Weak Response To Buffalo Shooting

NY Assemblyman Patrick Burke was afraid of angering voters if he condemned white supremacy, former aides say.

Senate GOP Blocks Bill That Targets Potential White Supremacist Terrorism

The measure sought to enhance the monitoring of hate groups and prevent mass shootings like the one in Buffalo.

Poll: 75 Percent Of Black Americans Fear Racial Attacks After Buffalo Massacre

Hope for positive change has declined since the more optimistic outlook after George Floyd’s murder.

NAACP Buffalo Chapter President Condemns Mass Shooting, Appeals To The Government To Step Up

Rev. Mark Blue explained, “We're not asking for a handout. We're asking for a hand up.”

Sen. Chuck Schumer Calls Out Rupert Murdoch And Fox News Execs

Schumer urges Fox News and to stop touting white supremacist ‘Great Replacement Theory’ echoed by Buffalo mass murderer.

Ten Buffalo Shooting Victims Include A 'Hero' Security Guard And Community Activist, 72

Accused Shooter Payton Gendron is a White Supremacist, police say.

Black Security Guard Killed While Firing At Buffalo Mass Shooter Was A ‘Hero’ Ex-Cop

In retirement, Aaron Salter Jr. operated a green technology company.

Harvard University Creates Fund To Redress Its Historical Ties To Slavery

The school is committing $100 million to an endowed ‘Legacy of Slavery Fund’ after uncovering its involvement in slavery and white supremacy.