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Aftermath - Since the spill, the government has tightened regulations on off shore drilling. Some of the people who helped clean up the spill last year report dizziness and respiratory problems. In April of 2011 BP committed to giving $30 million to five Florida counties affected by the spill.  (Photo: Associated Press)

BP Oil Spill One Year Later: The Spill Continues to Ruin Lives

One year later, life is miserable in the Gulf.

BP Oil Spill One Year Later: Displaced Black Fishermen Still Can’t Find Jobs

The desperate search for alternative sources of income.

BP Oil Spill One Year Later: BP Compensates Strippers While Legitimate Fishing Businesses Wait for Payment

Administrator determined to compensate eligible claimants.

BP Oil Spill One Year Later: Black Oystermen Struggle to Hold On

The wait for compensation from BP takes its toll.

BP Is Looking Strong a Year Later

For some, BP's resilience can be downright painful.