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Nichelle Nichols Ashes To Be Sent To Space

The late Star Trek actress died on July 30. She was 89.

Celebrities on Twitter React to News of Nichelle Nichols’ Passing

The Star Trek actress died over the weekend from natural causes.

Star Trek Icon Nichelle Nichols Is Dead At 89

Nichols was Lt. Nyota Uhura on 'Star Trek' and was one of the first Black actresses to play a major role on a tv series.

Britney Spears Fans Want To Free ‘Star Trek’ Legend Nichelle Nichols From Her Conservatorship

The ongoing battle with the actress’ guardianship started in 2018.

Star Trek Star Nichelle Nichols is at the Center of a Dispute Surrounding Her Guardianship

The actress is in the care of her only child

Woman In Motion: Documentary on Star Trek Actress Nichelle Nichols Explains Her Real-Life Role With NASA

The sci-fi icon wasn't just legendary on camera.

'Star Trek' Actress Nichelle Nichols Heard Screaming For Help Amid Guardianship Battle

The iconic actress is currently suffering from dementia.

Sad News For ‘Star Trek’ Actress And Black Icon Nichelle Nichols

Prayers up for the Hollywood legend.

Tragic News About ‘Star Trek’ Actress And Black Icon Nichelle Nichols

This is so sad.