OPINION: Why The Kyle Rittenhouse Homicide Trial Was Little More Than A Controlled Circus

The recipient of judicial benevolence in such an embarrassing trial was likely to have escaped responsibility no matter what.

Kyle Rittenhouse Acquitted of Deadly 2020 Kenosha Protest Shootings

He claimed self defense in the shooting that took two lives and injured another person, while also claiming to be defending property.

Demonstrators Clash Outside Courthouse Where Jury Deliberates In Kenosha Shooter Kyle Rittenhouse Case

National Guard troops are on standby.

Judge In Kyle Rittenhouse Murder Trial Dismisses Underage Weapons Possession Charge In Apparent Blow To Prosecution

Rittenhouse faced up to nine months in jail on the misdemeanor that was the most likely charge to stick.

Kyle Rittenhouse Collapses In Tears As He Testifies In Own Defense at Homicide Trial

As the defense case gets underway, the accused shooter becomes emotional as he describes the moment he says he was ambushed.

Opening Arguments Begin In Trial Of Kyle Rittenhouse Who’s Accused of Murder At Kenosha Police Brutality Protest

He was seen yawning several times during the proceedings.

Wisconsin Police Officer Who Shot and Paralyzed Jacob Blake Suspended After Service Weapon Is Stolen

Rusten Sheskey was actually disciplined for losing his gun.
Jacob Blake on BET Buzz 2020.

Jacob Blake Reveals His First Thoughts Once He Regained Consciousness After Being Shot By Kenosha Police

In a ‘Good Morning America’ interview, he tells his side.

Jacob Blake Case: Kenosha Protests Peaceful After Decision Not To Charge Police In Shooting

No violent incidents were reported during Kenosha marches.