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Melanie Fiona Reveals The Mindset And Mantra That Helped Her Find The Love Of Her Life!

From manifesting the love she deserved to honoring her superpower, the singer-songwriter changed her life with intention.

Melanie Fiona Marries Fiancé Jared Cotter After Postponing Their Wedding Three Times Due To The Pandemic

Love is not canceled.

Stay Strong: Melanie Fiona Shares Her Heartbreaking Birth Story

“It’s time to tell the truth,” the singer says.

#SocialBite: Melanie Fiona Announces She's Pregnant

Music Matters star posts baby bump to IG.

Melanie Fiona Isn't Afraid of Pain in 'Bite the Bullet'

These aren't your ordinary guns.

Melanie Fiona: On Shunning the Angry R&B Chick Label and Drake Collaborations

No more angry R&B chick labels for Melanie Fiona.

Melanie Fiona Gives Love an Ultimatum in 'Bite the Bullet'

The R&B singer releases new music after three years.

Melanie Fiona Opens for Beyonce, Pharrell Williams Speaks at Genius Talks and Fruitevalle Station Premieres at The Experience

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