racial slur

Police Say Fan Banned By BYU Does Not Appear To Have Yelled Racial Slurs During Volleyball Match

The lone Black starter on the team said she heard a “racial slur” come from the student section.

Black Utah High School Football Player Won’t Accept Being Called N-Word, Gets Punished For It

The incident happened in a school district with a history of not punishing white students for their racist behavior.

Racist Fan Hurls N-Word at Miami Marlins’ Lewis Brinson During Baseball Game

The slur was heard during a broadcast of the game.

Ahmaud Arbery Killing: Assailant Hurled Racial Slur While Standing Over His Dead Body

One defendant said Travis McMichael used the slur

White Woman Caught On Video Calling Black Bus Riders N—r Catches The Fade And Gets Left On Sidewalk

No arrests have been made by police.

College Dining Hall Employee Fired For Writing 'N****r' On A Black Student's Receipt

Here's who the school says was responsible for the slur.

Former Georgia City Councilman Says "I Lived Next To N***** Town" To Black City Commissioner During Meeting And Refuses To Apologize

The man made the remarks during a public meeting.

Georgia State Soccer Player Suspended From Team And Withdraws From School After Saying 'N*****s' On Finsta Page

Students petitioned for Natalia Martinez's expulsion.

Donald Trump Actually Referred To Elizabeth Warren As 'Pocahontas' While Honoring Native American Veterans, And Everyone Is Disgusted

Sarah Sanders denied it was a racial slur.

White Firefighter Says A Dog Is More Important To Save Than "A Million N*****s"

20-year-old Tyler Roysdon has been suspended indefinitely.