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Report: Black Americans Still More Likely To Die From Cancer

African Americans have higher odds to lose their lives to breast and prostate cancer than Whites.

Real Housewives of Miami’ Star Guerdy Abraira Talks Surviving Breast Cancer

“I feel almost back to myself,” said the reality star.

Black Women, Breast Cancer and Financial Toxicity: Finding An Ally in a Daunting Fight

Breast Cancer and the accompanying money burdens are a struggle, but Michigan-based The Pink Fund is giving much needed help.

Georgetown Women's Basketball Coach Tasha Butts Dies at 41

The revered coach, who also played for Tennessee, passed after a two-year battle with breast cancer.
A group of three multi-ethnic women of mixed ages standing together at a breast cancer awareness event, wearing pink, pointing to the ribbons pinned to their shirts. The youngest, on the right, is a mixed race African-American and Caucasian teenage girl. The mature African-American woman in the middle is in her 50s and her friend is in her 30s.

Breast Cancer Care Package: 11 Self-Care Items to Bring You Joy

These products were chosen to help make life a little bit easier during treatment.

Zoleka Mandela, Granddaughter Of Nelson Mandela, Dies Of Cancer at 43

A noted author and activist, Mandela battled cancer for 11 years before her passing.

Study: Black Americans More Likely To Die From Certain Cancers

Prostate and breast cancers drive the higher mortality rate among Black men and women.

New Study Reveals Chemical In Black Hair Care Products Increases Risk Of Breast Cancer

Parabens found in many of the products can trigger breast cancer cell growth, research finds.
Erika Wimms

Three Black Women, One Diagnosis: ‘Not Only Did The Biopsy Come Back Positive But Turns Out The Cancer Had Spread’

Fourteen years after hearing the words you have breast cancer, Erika Wimms talks about her journey to remission.