South Africa

South African Woman Celebrates Her 128th Birthday

Johanna Mazibuko is the oldest woman alive.

South African Omicron News Could Provide Hope To The U.S.

The country has weathered its fourth wave of COVID-19 with very little interruption to people’s lives.

World Treks A Nervous Path Into An Uncertain Future: 2021’s Most Important Global Moments

Still dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, the globe is continuing to undergo massive challenges as it approaches the quarter-century mark.

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa Tests Positive For COVID-19

He’s self-isolating and experiencing mild symptoms.

South Africa Denounces Travel Bans As Unfair Consequence Of Alerting World To New COVID-19 Variant

South African says it’s paying a price for being the first country to identify the omicron variant.

F.W. De Klerk, Final South African President To Lead Under Apartheid, Dies At 85

Although criticized for once being a part of the racist regime, he was also praised for helping to end it.

This Day in Black History: July 18, 1918

Anti-apartheid activist Nelson Mandela was born.

Riots Break Out in South Africa After Former President Jacob Zuma is Jailed

Dozens have died due to the unrest and looting stampedes.

South African Health Officials Say No Proof of Woman’s Claim She Delivered Decuplets

Officials say she never showed proof of the births.

South African President Warns Of Racial Division After Protest Against A Whites-Only Graduation Party Ends In A Clash

Cyril Ramaphosa says there could be “racial polarization."