South Africa

Black Excellence Rising: 3 Howard U Students Named as Fulbright Scholars

They will go to Greece, the U.K. and South Africa to represent the HBCU as a part of the prestigious program

Barack and Michelle Obama Join World In Mourning Passing of Queen Elizabeth II

The former President and First Lady joined the world, including Black nations in the British Commonwealth in mourning

South African Government Calls For ‘Apartheid State’ To Be Declared In Israel

The African nation has long been a supporter and ally of Palestine.

Methanol Discovered In Blood Of Teenagers Found Dead In South African Nightclub

Criminal charges could be filed after officials release a final toxicology report.

Nelson Mandela’s Championship Belt Given By Sugar Ray Leonard Stolen In South Africa

Sources say the late South African President revered the belt

More Than 20 People Found Dead At A Nightclub in South Africa

The cause of death is unknown.

South African Woman Celebrates Her 128th Birthday

Johanna Mazibuko is the oldest woman alive.

South African Omicron News Could Provide Hope To The U.S.

The country has weathered its fourth wave of COVID-19 with very little interruption to people’s lives.

World Treks A Nervous Path Into An Uncertain Future: 2021’s Most Important Global Moments

Still dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, the globe is continuing to undergo massive challenges as it approaches the quarter-century mark.

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa Tests Positive For COVID-19

He’s self-isolating and experiencing mild symptoms.