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BET Index: The Politics of Hair

BET INDEX: The Politics of Natural Black Hair

Watch the latest episode to explore why Black hair discrimination is still so concerning.

GOP Sen. Tim Scott To Make Appearance On 'The View'

The Black conservative has a feud with co-host Joy Behar who said he doesn’t understand systemic racism.

In Three Years Since the Murder of George Floyd: How Far Have We Come?

Opinion: In the time since he was killed as he lay prone on a Minneapolis street, has any real progress been made?

'Dilbert' Comic Strip Dropped After Creator’s Racist Rant

Scott Adams called African Americans a hate group.

Nurses Of Color Want 'Action' And Not Just An Apology From American Nurses Association For Historic Racism

One of the nursing profession’s top associations acknowledged its systemic racist practices.

Survey Says Educators Are Being Told Not To Teach About Racism In Their Classrooms

A movement is underway in mostly Republican states to silence teaching about the roots of systemic racism.

Company Owned By Warren Buffett Discriminated Against Black Homebuyers, Federal Prosecutors Say

Trident Mortgages is accused of redlining in three states.

Biden Under Pressure To Help Black Borrowers With High Student Loan Debt

The Congressional Black Caucus has described the crisis as ‘a racial and economic justice issue.’

Critical Race Theory Co-Founder Receives Surge Of Threats He Suspects From Trump Supporters

Some GOP strategists are using fear of CRT to ignite their base for the 2022 elections

Political Novice Ohio Parents Swept To School Board Victories Campaigning On Fear Of Critical Race Theory

Republicans plan to use this issue to retake Congress in 2022.