young buck

Young Buck To 50 Cent: 'You're Trying To Sabotage Me'

"You ain't gonna get away from me..."

50 Cent To Young Buck: 'If You're In A Relationship With A Tranny, You're Gay'

Fif posted an audio clip exposing an alleged conversation.

Young Buck Turns Himself in to Authorities After Being Served an Arrest Warrant

He's halting the promotion of his new music.

Guess Which Rapper Says He Was 'Almost Guaranteed' to Play Tupac in 'All Eyez on Me'

The role ultimately went to newcomer Demetirus Shipp Jr.

Young Buck Is Headed Back to Jail: 'I Lost My Freedom Again'

He's asking his fans to hold him down.

Young Buck Was Arrested for Allegedly Making a Wild Threat to His Ex

This arrest could mean he violated his probation.

Young Buck Has a Very Controversial View About Crooked Cops

To him, violence is the answer.

Young Buck Dodges Jail Time for Fake Urine Stunt

He has to do rehab instead.