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Halle Bailey Celebrates Her First Mother’s Day With A Tribute And Ink

The new mommy shared, "I got my first tattoo yesterday for mother's day in honor of my baby halo.”

Halle Bailey Reveals Quiet And Daunting Battle With Postpartum Depression

The “Angel” singer admitted, “I feel like a completely different person. I don’t know who I am.”

Halle Bailey Flaunts New Body After Giving Birth

It's giving baddie energy, and that's on period!

Halle Bailey Scores A Role In Pharrell Williams’ Coming-Of-Age Musical

This project is inspired by Atlantis Apartments, Williams’ childhood neighborhood.

DDG Recreates Iconic Disney Pose from 'The Lion King' with Baby Halo

Since welcoming their son, DDG and mom Halle Bailey have not revealed their baby's face.

DDG and Halle Bailey Celebrate Son's First Word

Halo melted his parents' hearts as he uttered his first word.

DDG Hosts Sweet Awards Ceremony For Girlfriend Halle Bailey

During the improvisational ceremony, the new mom became teary-eyed while holding their son, Halo.

Halle Berry And Halle Bailey Link Up At Soccer Game In Los Angeles

"I was living for this moment!!" said "The Little Mermaid" star.